Multi URL Opener

    Comprehensive Guidelines for Using the Image Compressor Tool


    A Bulk URL opener is a software application or you can use it as a tool to open several URLs simultaneously. It can be helpful in many ways like creating a list of various websites for any research project, handling many sets of links for marketing purposes or social media. It can also manage multiple web pages to develop an SEO plan and schedule. Overall Bulk image file compressors are involved in tasks that handle numerous workflow, web pages, and lists and improve productivity while managing them.

    Image Compressor helps to reduce the image size to 100kb while maintaining its compromising quality, as it is necessary for storage and to optimize web performance. It works for both, whether you need to reduce image size to 100kb or bulk image compressor for listing multiple files. It has several online options these tools are efficient enough to minimize the kb size of the image. This makes this tool perfect for emails, social media, and websites.

    Key Features:

    • Bulk Image Compressor: It allows compressing several images together which saves effort as well as time.  
    • Free Online Image Compressor: Now you can use free online image compressors that offer all basic to premium features. This tool is free to use without any installation.  
    • Image Compressor without Losing Quality: This feature helps us to get the best visual quality of the image after compression. The advanced algorithms maintain the quality of the image.
    • Resize JPEG Image Online: Compressing or resizing JPEG images online directly from the browser is easily available now.

    How to Use These Tools:

    1. Transfer/Upload the Images: First, upload the image file that you want to work on. Some tools provide drag & drop options for compressing the image.
    2. Set Outputs: Select the targeted image size. For instance, reduce the image size to 100kb.
    3. Compress & Download: Now the tool will work on the image, process it, and provide a link. You can download that link to open the compressed files.

    Tips for Optimal Use:

    • Quality Setting: You can go to settings to adjust the compression according to your choice to maintain a balance between the file size and image quality.
    • Batch Processing: Using a Bulk image compressor allows us to deal with several files simultaneously. It works best for huge files and large projects.
    • File Formats: This tool supports other formats such as PNG, GIF, and JPEG for use.
    • Previews: Here, you can look at a preview of this compressed image to accept or reject the image before downloading it.

    Supporting Formats:

    • PNG: Best for transparency of image while lossless compressions.
    • JPEG: Commonly used for web images and photographs.
    • GIF: Perfect for simple animations and graphics.


    • Extensions: Browser extensions are often used as it is easy to access.  
    • Browsers: It works with browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.  
    • Cross-Platforms: MacOS, Linux, and Windows are compatible with this tool.

    Bulk URL opener or Image compressor helps to reduce the time and effects. It also ensures to management of the size of different applications, files, and images for large projects. However, this tool handles multiple images at the same time, bulk image compressor is an essential tool these days. Following these tips and understanding the formats with their compatibility can reduce the kb size of the image. Thus, in this way, it enhances the digital presentation of your content.